what did it feel like when you disengaged from the rail?

I thought I was going to die! Honestly you can’t trust anything these guys said to me!

Happy valentines day ,Wheatley <3

Ah! Thank you! Lovely having someone around!

Wheatley, why? --Chell


how many potato?

50 potato to chin chin sacrifice.

so if chell ever consented to a date with you , what would you guys even do ?

Well…I would probably make her carry me to the Aperture Science Entertainment Center. This place has a huuuge theater! We could watch over test subjects failing! It would be great!

hey wheats hows it hangin?

Hanging? Well I mean. I am on a management rail. So…it’s pretty normal.

wheatley what do you eat exactly?????~~

I don’t eat!

any thoughts on rick the adventure core?

Ah yes! Good guy lemme tell you that but…he is a tad bit cocky sometimes.

how would you feel if you came across the DOCTOR?

The Doctor? Doctor who..?


you know whats hot? wheatley. im going to fuck a metal ball and nobody can stop me

hmm? Oh! That’s me they are talking about!